Danse, mon coeur danse!

«...A wonderful discovery !...» - Jean Deschamps, Radio-Canada


French-Canadian songs and dances
for children

Selected and adapted by: 

Sixteen (16) rounds, action songs and simple dances drawn from Quebec's traditional musical heritage: La petite boiteuse  - L'omelette au lard - La vieille Bastringue - Que sais-tu bien faire ? Valse de l'amitié - La noce des oiseaux - Cassons les oeufs - Les Saluts - Lundi, jour de lavage - Marion danse - Un air trompeur - La petite souris grise -  La laine des moutons - La danse des mouchoirs - Jeu à trois - Bien travailler. 

Song texts included.

Click here for a sampling of musical selections from this CD

BMA Productions (CD BMA-1004).

Musical direction: Richard Forest (fiddle),  accompanied by Sabin Jacques (accordion), and Mario Loiselle (piano) 
and more than a dozen guest singers and instrumentalists !

A companion 50-page teacher's handbook with dance descriptions, musical notation, pictograms and useful teaching tips is also available. Ideal for teachers and educators working with children in schools (French immersion etc.), daycare centers and recreational activities. (Note: in French only)

France Bourque-Moreau offers participatory sessions for children in Quebec elementary schools and daycare centers as well as training workshops for teachers and educators using the material from «Danse, mon coeur danse!». She is also listed in the directory of resource specialists recognized by the Quebec Government subsidized program «La culture à l'école».

Cost: CD: $20 - Teacher’s handbook (in French only): $20

Special price for CD with Teacher’s Handbook: $35 

Postage and handling (for Canada):

$6 $ for CD or teacher’s handbook;  $11 for both

For Québec, please add the GST (5%) + PST (9.5%). Taxes added to CD/handbook & postage

For the rest of Canada Canada GST or HST only

Please make your cheque or money order payable to: Bourque-Moreau Associés,

9235 rue Rameau, Brossard (Québec) J4X 2M6

Info: Tél: (450) 659-9271 


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